Will vs. May

In one hour we leave for the hospital. We check in at 8:30 p.m. and they start the induction again. In the morning, well, who knows? The only thing we know right now is that from our first attempt to this second one, we’ve learned some important lessons, of which we’ll highlight one.

Our most important lesson has been to differentiate “will” and “may”. As I see it, “will” is a verb that indicates one’s desire to create and implement a definite plan, whether or not one has control. “May” indicates an understanding that one is not in control. In fact, God is in control, and often His plan doesn’t look like our plan (but so much better!)
In the case of our first attempt to deliver Julianna, I said many things last week using “will”. Here are a few of examples:
  • In response to a friend who wanted to organize some dinners for us after Julianna’s birth, I said, “The week of December 1 would be great, as most people will be with their families for Thanksgiving right after Julianna’s born.”
  • When people asked us when we’d be home from the hospital, I said, “We will either be home Wednesday night or Thursday (Thanksgiving) morning, as we only have to stay 24-48 hours after she’s born.”
  • When deciding what she would be wearing in her first days, I said, “This Baby’s First Thanksgiving” outfit will look so cute on her.

If I take those same sentences and substitute “may” for “will”, they are so much more open to the reality of change. That’s a good thing, I think, as change happens so often when we least expect it!

So, here we go again. We look forward to letting you all know how the next few days go. We may have Julianna in our arms tomorrow or Saturday; we may be home on Sunday or Monday. Whatever happens, we will take it in stride and appreciate each moment for the adventure it is.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

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