Disconnected Reconnection

When we bought our lake condo, we decided not to install TVs there. Until Julianna was 4 we didn’t have one at home, and there are ways in which we miss the absence of one (though we are thankful for the distractive quality of it, and for Blippi of course 😉), so it followed to forsake the TV in our getaway place. The first few stayovers, the kids would get bored and ask for a show, and we would shrug and suggest an activity, to their many protestations. This Christmas week was the first time they didn’t ask. (Oh, what Continue Reading …

Sankta Lucia

Luciakrona, Starboy hat, pepparkakor, and Dala Horse gummies (just for fun) are ready for our early risers. This year, Julianna and Elijah have set an alarm so they can bring Mommy and Daddy treats in bed to celebrate Sankta Lucia day tomorrow. Next year maybe we’ll make Lussekatter to add to the tradition, but this is a good start!