He didn’t get to grind the coffee…

There was one job to be done. Mommy and Daddy really needed their morning coffee, and we’d discovered that grinding the beans (RVs need coffee standards, too) was a favorite activity amongst the children. This day, I gave the job to Elijah, turned away to prepare our eggs, and immediately heard cries of protest from Theo.

I say cries, but maybe I should say screams. It was a serious fit—you know it’s a big one when you have time to search out the phone, open the camera, frame the shot and take a few, adjusting for the low light of a misty morning.

And you know while he was crying I was really trying not to laugh. I mean, he was feeling this down deep, so I was going to respect that, but man he was adorably cute. All this because he didn’t get to grind the beans?!!

How much did he love that job that he felt such distress at not being able to do it? What lesson is there in this moment for the work we do? Can we love it as much? Long for it as deeply?

There have been times I’d say “no”, but then I found this job that has me longing for it. Good thing though, in the mountain, in the desert, or by the ocean, it goes with me, so I don’t have to delay my satisfaction as long as little brother did here.

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