A Running Journal, of sorts…

When going for a long run, one has a fair amount of time to get alone with their thoughts. Sometimes those thoughts are meaningful. There are plenty of occasions, however, when those “brilliant ideas” that come somewhere between exhaustion and exhilaration inhabit a different reality; one that doesn’t squarely align with other moments of the day. These are, nevertheless, seeds that grow over time. As the miles grind on and the days unfold they begin to take shape into a vision of new opportunities and innovations.

This blog came about through one of those seeds. We have yet to see if it grows into a patch of weeds or something of beauty and inspiration. Perhaps you will find a bit of both as you wander these pages. Whatever it is, I do hope you find something of value. As you have figured out by now, this isn’t a journal about running. It is, rather, a place where I can chronicle my woodworking and coffee adventures.

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