Monahan’s Sandhills State Park

The children slept snuggled together last night, falling asleep before we reached Monahans Sandhills. As we arrived and looked out into the dark, we knew they would love it, and we were not disappointed in their reaction!
Julianna charged off to climb and slide, then ran back and led Theo to the tops of the dunes.
Theo followed willingly when led, a bit nervous about the wind and the blowing sand, and when given a moment, crawled and dug.
Elijah discovered an abandoned kite and, after daddy showed him how to get it into the air, walked around with it like it was a dog on a leash.
I ended up carrying three pairs of shoes, abandoned by their little owners, and challenging myself of step off the soft, but sharp-edged, sand precipices at the top of dunes.
I have a thing with edges—not a big fan—but I have also decided not to settle into the limits I previously created for myself. It took a new, unexpected opportunity last fall to take me outside my comfort zone, but now that I’m getting used to newness and growth, I find it easier to exercise.
So, here’s to tomorrow’s new thing! 🥂 

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