Mentorship Moments

Over the years, as I have watched my husband take time in the most inconvenient moments to explain why or how or what, I have learned the indisputable importance of mentorship.

Though I had some good leaders in my previous professional life, I was managed, not mentored. It has been the day-in-day-out representation of it through the relationship between my husband and our children, and the adult relationship between my mom and me, that has cemented for me how one can walk alongside teaching knowledge and wisdom, even when momentary pressures pull at your patience and attention.

So now, I walk in the knowledge, gained from years of seeing it exercised at home, that achievement is sweeter when I make room to invite people along (even my littlest people): a birthday cake with imperfect icing applied by eager hands; a cleaned room heated by busy bodies dancing to and fro as they put things away; a hung shelf leveled with the keen eyes of a little boy, just to check Daddy’s judgement…all these are more precious for the memories created as they were accomplished.

And now, it translates every day to the walk I am taking in my new professional life. When I joined my company, I could never have expected the measure to which my leaders would pour themselves out in a ministry of mentorship, but having watched it for years in the actions of those most beloved around me, I recognized it immediately, and I am so incredibly thankful for it.

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