You can do it all by yourself.

I am so impressed with this little girl (all the time)!! She has been asking to make banana bread from a recipe she found in The Little Big Book for Moms, and today she did it!

This is a failing of mine, but when my kids have previously asked to help in the kitchen, I have said no. Cooking isn’t my strength, so I struggle even more managing little hands and feet in the space.

Today, I said, “Yes, you can do it all by yourself. Let me know if you need help.” And she did it all by herself! I only poured the mix from the big bowl to the pan; otherwise, I just sat there with my friend Patricia watching her work.

It was perhaps the best banana bread I’ve eaten!! (Made with love and lots of joy, for sure.)

So here’s to trying something new, digging in (or sitting back with friends), and seeing how it plays out. And here’s to all the success that can come from it!!

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