Summer Reflection

Last night I was so incredibly tired, not from lack of sleep (Tim owns that sort of tired), but from a summer of activity and moderating and mediating, that I sat down in bed right after we got the kids to sleep and didn’t get up again.

This morning, when I went downstairs to get breakfast started, I was greeted with yesterday’s mail, including the memory book from our RV trip in June, and it is Beautiful!!! It brought back all the feelings: the quiet, the excitement, the joy, the satisfaction, and the wonder of that time.

As the moments turn to memories, do you know one aspect of that trip that remains truly wonderful to me, as I can repeat it over and over again?

While we drove and explored and played and discovered, I was able to fit work in here and there: 10 minutes in the “bus” as we flew down the road; a few minutes in bed before the kids woke up or after they fell asleep; a quick phone call as we got gas.

The time I chose to give my business during the trip fit in so easily that the kids didn’t even seem to notice! And I was paid while I was on the road in Monahans, Carlsbad, White Sands, Scottsdale, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Marfa…and then I came home to another paycheck after our trip was over.

How is it that less than one year ago I didn’t know this was all possible?!!

If you want an opportunity that gives you opportunities, let’s talk!

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