On Edge

If you followed our trip last year and read about the time we spent at Grand Canyon, you’re familiar with my fear of edges (precipices, to be exact). I don’t mind heights, it’s just the edge between my high point and the distant low point (the plunging, cavernous chasm below) that causes my heart to race. Unfortunately (as I don’t want to pass my anxieties along to my children either genetically or behaviorally) Julianna seems to have the same fear. So, we were quite the pair in Mesa Verde National Park as we toured the Balcony House, an ancient cliff Continue Reading …

The fun has begun for our family of five!!

The fun has begun for our family of five!! This is our first vacation in a few years, and I think we got it started right, with fresh cups of coffee and a fridge full of food. I had fun lightly decorating the RV last night (I’ll post pictures here or on Instagram @thehouseofgriepp of that) and making everything slide-proof, so the kiddos can play Legos and crafts at the table without everything rolling off. They’ve been busy since we left at 9:30!