Westward Bound

Last year was a transformative experience for our family. After years of living overseas and working internationally, I settled completely into married, family, and local life, contracting my travels from international to national to nil. The same was true for Tim: international travel for work and fun was replaced with the local concerns in our life. By the time Theo was two, we’d mastered the art of the family Staycation and making the most of what our hometown had to offer.

Then three of my closest friends moved away at once, and the comfort of home, though still real and present, began to recede behind the desire to go see at least one precious, much-missed friend. Staycations couldn’t get us there, so we decided to go to Scottsdale for a visit. The rest is chronicled in our posts from last year’s trip (that we’ll upload here soon). We started out focused on a destination, but learned of the wonders that can unfold in the journey. Now, here we are once more, journeying.

I delight in the possibilities that lie ahead. Again we head west, though northwest this time to New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado, many of our destinations chosen with help from a well-traveled friend (thanks Jeanne❤️) and the rest lots of research. It hasn’t taken long to remember the rhythm of the ride. Lots of toys, craft supplies, and a great view is helping everyone settle in.

It is my great delight to share our adventures, so thanks for following along!

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