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Recently, my children have each insisted to me, passionately and frequently, that I do not play with them enough. They’ve actually said, “you NEVER play with me,” which I’m sure isn’t true, but their general protestations aren’t completely unfounded. I do let the busyness of my days carry me away. Faced with an opportunity to wrest some cleanliness and order into our home or sit and play a game, I most often choose cleanliness and order. But I do listen to our precious ones, and I have planned fun and play on this trip!!

When we pulled into our first stop, Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park, Julianna grabbed the itinerary and the kiddos planned our time. Jumping pillow? Yes, please. Water slides? Absolutely. Candy bingo? For sure! Wet “Hey hey” ride? Kick ball slip-n-slide? Glow foam dance party? Yes to it all!

We spent two nights there with one full day in-between, and filled every waking moment with kid-chosen fun. This in spite of Elijah getting a fever midday Saturday and succumbing to a two-hour nap. He did miss the Candy Bingo (Daddy won big and brought home the prizes for all to share), but made it to all other events. We even got a roll of quarters to use in the arcade for a little post-nap quiet time. 😉

Right about the time the Glow Foam Dance Party was set to begin, and Elijah settled in my lap for a snuggle, I was happy not to have succumbed to the responsibilities that can follow us anywhere. After all, RVs get dirty, with dishes to do and floors to sweep, but I was set on intentional play, and that day I achieved it. And how did the day end? With our tired (and sick) children up to their necks in foam, dancing around without a care in the world, and us at their side.

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